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Privacy policy

This website collects anonymous information about its usage. In particular, it uses cookies, log-files and third-party services to collect information about any visitor and user of this website. The information collection includes among others the date and time of your page views, button clicks, the use of input fields, the chat, the time spent on this website and the websites visited just before and just after this website. We use this information to provide and improve the service on this website.

If you login to this website, we ask you to provide some information about you, e.g. your email address, name, nickname and other information from your social network. We need this information to provide the service available on this platform, understand your usage and also to improve our platform.

This website uses currently the following third-party services to collect information about its usage: Google Analytics, Auth0, JW Player. These third-party services use also cookies, scripts and log-files of this website, to track or identify you as user to this site, either on the individual or aggregate level. Please visit the websites of Google Analytics, Auth0 and JW Player and learn how they use your data.

You can deliberately avoid the tracking of your activity on this website by using an ad blocker or an opt-out plug-in in connection with your browser. For this, you have to install a plug-in of your choice to your browser, e.g. NoScript, Adblock Plus, uBlock or Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on, and configure it appropriately. You can also disable in your browser the acceptance of cookies from this website or active its "Do Not Track" option.

By accessing this platform, browsing, registering for this service, reading and accepting the cookie consent shown to you when this website identifies you are a new user or when using this platform by any other method, you agree to this Privacy Policy and the accompanying Terms and Conditions of Use. If you do so, you agree that the operator of this website collects and uses all the information about you and your activity during your use of this website, using the tools and purposes described above. If you do not agree to these Privacy Policy, or parts of it, you must immediately terminate your use of this platform.

Moreover, you are agreeing that the operator of this website saves, evaluates and processes all received personal information about you that relates to the business connexion with you in accordance with the German Data Protection Act. Your personal data is required for processing of logins, logouts, order accounts, queries or possible complaints. The operator of this website gives no personal data of its visitors to third parties, except hereof are partners stated above. In the case of data exchange with third parties, the information provided to partners is limited to a minimum.

You have the right to obtain information about your personal data saved by the operator of this website, to induce a correction, a deletion or to constrain the use of your data. In the case of a deletion or a constrain of your data, the service of this website or some of its features may become unavailable to you.